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McAfee Antivirus not Installing

Is your McAfee antivirus not installing the software?  Getting virus security for your desktop or laptop is detracting in order to manage your computer working well and your private information safe.  There are a few things that could be going wrong with your McAfee installation. If you are having difficulty installing McAfee antivirus, here are some tips to try getting it working.

McAfee Antivirus not Installing

McAfee Antivirus not Installing

What to Do If McAfee Antivirus Is Not Installing

  1. Make assured that your system meets the minimal requirements for McAfee products.  The minimal requirements information can be found on McAfee’s website.  Your system must meet these needs in order to well install and run any McAfee software.
  2.  McAfee gives a pre-installation tool that gets your computer ready for McAfee software to be installed.  Download and run this tool.
  3. Once it has completed, restart your computer in order for the changes to take response.  Your PC should now be ready and capable to successfully install McAfee antivirus.
  4. Did you receive a message saying that you have conflicting security software already installed on your system or PC?If so, you will need to remove the inappropriate software before McAfee can be successfully installed.  Check out this page for a list of incompatible programs that you may have on your PC.  Most of them are other anti-virus programs that would cause conflicts with McAfee if they were both installed on a computer or PC at the same time.

“If you are facing any kind of issues call McAfee antivirus support phone number +1-800-293-9401

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