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How to Troubleshoot Memory Card Problems on an HP Printer


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Many HP printers read memory cards from a space situated on the front of the printer. Users save picture files taken with a digital camera or mobile phone on a memory card, which they evacuate and insert in the printer. If, after inserting a memory card in your HP printer, you get the error “Card Not Recognized” on the printer’s display, you can attempt to cure the situation yourself. HP printers support one of six memory card types: MultiMediaCard, SmartMedia, Smart Media, Memory Stick with MagicGate, Memory Stick DUO and Memory Stick PRO.


  • Turn off your HP printer. Remove the memory card by pushing on the uncovered edge so it ejects out of its slot.
  • Inspect the memory card for harm. Search for cracks in the plastic, discoloration, scratches or missing metal contacts toward the end of the card. If card is damaged, replace it.
  • Put the memory card into another device that has a camera, for example, a digital camera or a laptop with a webcam. Take a photo with the device and save the file to the memory card.
  • Replace the memory card if the other device a mistake message, for example, “Unsupported Image File.” Insert the memory card again into the slot on your printer if it works in the other gadget.
  • Use an alternate memory card in the printer if you continue receiving a similar mistake message. Take the printer to a service shop if you experience a similar issue with another memory card.

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