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How to Troubleshoot HP Deskjet D2360 Problems


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The HP Deskjet D2360 is a desktop printer capable of borderless printing. It features an ink level indicator and has an ink backup mode, with which you can continue printing with one cartridge when the other has run out of ink. Problems with Hewlett Packard’s Deskjet D2360 can be related to installation issues, the printer not printing, paper jams and unacceptable print output. Many problems can be resolved with some troubleshooting.

HP Printer

HP Printer

  • Replace the USB cable if you run into problems installing the printer driver on your computer and getting the printer recognized. The cables can deteriorate over time and damage. You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting the existing cable to see if that helps. Connect directly through the cable rather than using a hub. Try removing other physical connections like a scanner. Try disabling the anti-virus software temporarily.
  • Check that the printer and computer are turned on if the printer does not print. Look for paper in the paper tray and replace it if it’s missing. The printer cover must be closed and the rear access door must be attached. Clear the print queue if the job became stalled. The print queue is found in the Printer and Faxes area of the “Start” menu.
  • Remove any paper jams. Take the paper out of the paper tray and turn the printer off. Remove the rear access door by pressing the handle to the right and then pulling out the door. Remove and discard any damaged paper. Reload the paper in the tray and turn the printer on.
  • Verify that the paper is loaded the correct way up if output looks unsatisfactory. Photo paper should have the side to be printed on facing down. Make sure that the paper is firmly seated against the paper guide so that the pick-up can take place, but don’t push the paper in so that it curls.


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