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How to Troubleshoot the Brother HL 2140 Compact Laser Printer


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The Brother HL 2140 may experience problems with its operation, causing it to stop operating or to produce less-than-satisfactory printouts. Rather than immediately taking the printer to a repair shop, troubleshoot the problems yourself. If paper jams inside the printer, the machine will cease operating and possibly display an error message alerting you to the problem. With paper skew, you will simply notice the text or images printed by the HL 2140 are crooked on the page. You can save yourself lost work time and money on a repair bill if you resolve common problems at your home or office.

Paper Jams

  • Open the printer’s front door. Pull the toner cartridge toward you and out of the printer.
  • Remove any stuck paper in the machine or the toner cartridge by pulling gently on it. Pulling the paper too hard can damage the printer’s rollers.
  • Close the printer’s front door and pull out the printer’s paper tray, removing it completely from the machine. Remove any stuck paper by pulling it down and out of the printer.
  • Open the printer’s back door by pulling down on the top. Pull the large plastic tab inside the printer toward you.
  • Remove any stuck paper by pulling on it gently, and then close the back door. Push the green tab on the toner cartridge assembly to remove the toner cartridge. Remove any paper stuck inside.
  • Reinsert the toner cartridge in the assembly until it clicks into place. Replace the toner cartridge assembly and the paper tray, and then close the printer’s front door.

Paper Skew

  • Open the printer’s paper tray. Adjust the paper guides so they are against the paper’s margins, but not bowing the paper. Adjust the paper guides in the automatic document feeder if you are scanning or making copies.
  • Check the package of paper you are using in the printer. Discontinue using the paper if it is not labeled for use with laser printers.
  • Click on “Start” on your computer’s toolbar, then “Control Panel” and “Printers and Faxes.” Right-click on the icon for the HL 2140 and click on “Printer Preferences.”
  • Select the “Basic” tab in the preferences window. Check the “Paper Size” field to make sure it matches the size paper you are using. Service the printer if the paper continues to skew.

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