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How to Start Up a Microsoft Outlook Account


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Microsoft offers Windows users an email client called Microsoft Outlook. Using Microsoft Outlook helps keep your emails organized, eases the process of downloading emails and large files, and gives you the use of vCards for business purposes. Any email address can be set up in Microsoft Outlook; all you need to know are your outgoing and incoming servers, which can easily be obtained from your service provider or email host, such as Yahoo or Google. Setting up a new email account in Outlook only takes a few seconds, and you’re on your way to organized and professional email exchanges.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and allow the program to load.
  • Go to “Tools,” then “Accounts.” This will bring up an account management box. Click “Add,” Then “Mail.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your mail account in Outlook. It will first ask you for the display name you would like to show on your emails. Enter the name, and then click “Next.”
  • Enter the entire email address you are using to set up the account, such as Click “Next.” Enter the Pop3 (incoming) server and SMTP (outgoing) server of your email address. If you do not know these, contact your service provider or email provider to find them. Most times they are like your email address. For example: or Click “Next.”
  • Type in the password associated with this email account, and click “Next.” This will bring you to a connection set-up screen. Select the type of connection you use to connect to the Internet, and click “Next,” then click “Finish,” and your email is now ready to be used in Outlook.


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