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How to Remove Windows Live Mail


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Uninstall programs you don’t use to free up disk space and computer sources. If you set up the windows Requirements 2012 package, but don’t need the windows Stay Email system, you can uninstall only the Email application and continue using the rest of the Requirements package. Some information may be left behind when you uninstall the Email system, so you may need to get rid of them manually. If you can’t uninstall the application, use the Fix It application from Microsoft Company to get rid of the application. Fix it removes the entire Requirements application package.

Uninstall Only the Stay Email Program

  • Press “Windows-X” picks “Control Panel” from the Power User selection to start the Control Board.
  • Select the “Category” view from the “View by” record. Simply choose the “Uninstall a program” link in the Programs section. All programs set up on your PC are displayed as a record.
  • Select the “Windows Requirements 2012” system and then choose the “Uninstall/Change” key near the top of your window. The Uninstall or Repair windows Requirements Programs window shows.
  • Click “Remove one or more windows Requirements programs” and then choose the “Mail” system. Just click “Uninstall” to uninstall it. The process usually takes less than five minutes. Just click “Close” after the application programs are removed.
  • Press “Windows-X” picks “File Explorer” from the selection to release the Computer file Explorer. Choose the system generate — the generate that contains the windows based pc.
  • Open the “Program Files Windows Live” directory, choose the “Mail” directory and media “Delete.” Just click “Yes” to confirm your action consider the rest of the Stay Email information.

Uninstall the Entire Requirements Suite with Microsoft Company Fix It

  • Open the Microsoft Company Fix It page and then choose the green “Run Now” key. Save the Fix It app on your hard disk generate and then double-click it to release. Just click “Run” if Microsoft company windows show a warning.
  • Click “Accept” and then click “Detect problems and let me choose the fixes to apply.” Just click “Uninstalling” when asked about the problem. The application scans the computer and lists all programs set up on it.
  • Select the “Windows Stay Essentials” system from the record and then click “Next.” Just click “Yes, try uninstall” and then click “Next” to resolve problems with the application and then forcefully uninstall it.
  • Click “Next,” click “Yes, the problem has been fixed” and then click “Next” again. Just click “Finish” to close the application.


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