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How to Remove an IP from a Road Runner Blacklist


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Road Runner, an Internet and email company keeps a blacklist, sometimes called a block list, of users who are not allowed to send or receive email. If you are receiving error messages, you are likely on one of the block lists. Typically, you will be blocked for breaking policies, such as sending spam messages, but sometimes you may be blocked in error. If you are blocked, attempt to wait out the block. Many IP blacklists last for only 24 hours.

Road Runner

Road Runner

  • Navigate to the Road Runner security website.
  • Click on the “Tools” tab, and select “Check IP Address.”
  • Enter your IP address in the text box, fill in the CAPTCHA with the appropriate code and press “Send.” This will tell you if you are on the official Road Runner blacklist. If you are not on the list but you are being blocked, you may be on a third-party blacklist.
  • Open your mail client, and select “Send Mail.”
  • Enter “” in the “To” field.
  • Copy and paste any error messages you have received into the email and explain the problems you are having. You do not need to mention that you wish to be taken off the blacklist because the email is intended only for blacklist problems.
  • Email your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if you are on a third-party blacklist. The customer service line for most ISP providers is located at the official websites, under the “Contact” page.


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