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How to Manually Exclude a File from Being Scanned in Norton 360


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Symantec' s Norton 360 is an application that encompasses several critical computer components. Norton 360 has a firewall, antivirus tools, boot recovery tools and identity theft protection for your computer. Each time you open a file, folder or application, the Norton 360 software scans it for viruses or other malware threats. This sometimes causes performance issues, but you can manually exclude a scan to improve performance when opening a folder or file on your machine.

  • Open Norton 360 on your desktop and click “Settings.” This opens a new configuration window with a list of Norton 360 applications. Click the button labeled “Virus & Spyware Protection.”
  • Click the “File Extensions” tab. Click “New” to open a new exception rule configuration window.
  • Select the file or folder you want excluded from the Norton 360 scan. If you select a folder, click on “Include Subfolders” to exclude the entire file folder directory.
  • Click “Close.” Click “Close” again in the main Norton 360 screen. Open the file you excluded to test your new settings.


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