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How to Make Google My Home Page on Mozilla


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Mozilla is the parent company that owns the Firefox web browser. Firefox has gained popularity thanks to it being able to provide an alternate web browsing experience. Unlike Internet Explorer, which works only on Windows PCs and Safari, which is largely used on Macs, Firefox is a web browser that works on both Macs and Windows PCs. Making a homepage on Mozilla Firefox is simple and takes only a few seconds to do. Every time you open Firefox on subsequent visits, the homepage you chose will open by default until you change it again.



  • Click the “Firefox” icon on your PC’s desktop or Mac’s dock. The web browser window will open.
  • Type “” into the URL address bar at the top of the page and press “Enter.”
  • Click on the “Google” icon that appears on the far left of the URL address bar and drag and release it onto the “Home” icon just next to it.
  • Click “Yes” when the “Set Home Page” screen appears. You now have made Google your homepage on Mozilla Firefox.


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