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How do I locate software or drivers for my computer?


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Here we are going to discuss the different methods of locating and downloading drivers and software off of the Internet.
1)    The first step is to determine the hardware of the computer.
2)    Before you search for the drivers or software of a device, make sure you know the manufacturer’s name and model of the device. If you need to look for the software or drivers for an internal hardware device, such as those manufactured by Dell, there are a few options. You can often find the drivers available for download from the manufacturer’s web page or the drivers and utilities CD shipped with your computer.

3)    Then you need to download the location

4)    If the manufacturer of your hardware is still in business, often the drivers will be listed on their web page. You can find the link to the manufacturer’s driver pages on the internet and locate the manufacturer of your hardware device for drivers.
5)    If your hardware device manufacturer went out of business or the drivers you need are unavailable, there are many third-party companies that specialize out-of-date or obsolete drivers. You can find a listing of these sites on many sites on the internet.


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