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How to Install a Printer on a Router


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There are benefits of installing your printer on an Internet router. Any PC on a nearby or wireless network will be able to create when you connect the printer this way. As a result printing more practical than when the printer is connected straight to only one device via a USB wire. Most contemporary printers can get in touch straight to the system out of the box or with a system printing component.

  • Find your printer’s Ethernet slot. It is usually on the rear again or part of the printer. It is a little bit greater than a phone plug.
  • Connect one end of the Ethernet wire into the printer’s Ethernet slot.
  • Plug the other end of the Ethernet wire into a start slot on the router.
  • Add an association to the printer on each PC through the “Add a Printer” choice in the windows “Hardware and Sound” Cpanel. Finish the advised “Add Printer Wizard.”
  • When purchasing a new printer, examine to see if it comes with an Ethernet wire in the box before you keep the shop. Many printers do not consist of wires.
  • Read your printer’s guide for information particular to your system.


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