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How to Install Microsoft Word 2008


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Microsoft Word 2008 is one of the components of Microsoft Office 2008, a suite of business applications designed for Macintosh computers. (Office 2007 is a Windows-compatible version of the same software suite.) Office 2008 is available in two different versions, standard and the less feature-intensive Student and Teacher Edition. Whether installed with the other components of the Office 2008 (Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage) or on its own, having Microsoft Word installed on your computer is virtually a necessity these days.

  • Insert the Office 2008 disc into your CD/DVD drive, and you’ll see it automatically mount on the desktop. Double click the disc icon, and then double click the Office Installer icon. Follow the prompts, including entering your computer’s admin password.
  • Click on the Customize button when you get to the Installation Type window. Here, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you’ll install on your hard drive. The default is everything, but you can deselect any of the items to streamline the installation process.
  • Select Install, and allow the installer to process. When it’s finished, click on the finish button, open your Applications folder and double click on the Microsoft AutoUpdate application. Click on “Check for Updates,” and allow the updates to download and install. You will have to repeat this process until you’re notified that there are no more updates to be installed. You will need your admin password for this process.
  • Launch Microsoft Word 2008, and open the preference settings, located under the Word menu at the top of the screen. If you’re planning on sharing any of your Word documents with others who use an earlier version of Word, you must click on “Save” and select Save Word files as: Word 97-2004 Document (.doc). Otherwise, your files will save as .docx files, and only users of Word 2007 or Word 2008 will be able to read them.
  • Launch “Customize Toolbars and Menus…” under the View menu. Here, you’ll be able to customize your toolbars, add the commands that you use regularly and remove the commands that you don’t use. This extra step is a great time saver, and an excellent way to make you more productive.

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