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How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook


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If you’re having performance issues along with your Microsoft Outlook email program, you might prefer to troubleshoot on your own earlier than contacting Microsoft for help. Some common issues include MS Outlook’s no longer responding or taking a long time to load. There are a few motives that your Outlook email program will not be running the way it should.

Update your version of MS Outlook. Assess the Microsoft website for any updates to ensure you are using the modern day version. Microsoft will most often free up typical service pack updates for Outlook that may be installed for free.

Separate your archived e-mail gadgets into multiple folders. Placing a massive number of files in a single folder can degrade Outlook’s efficiency.

Cast off any useless add-ins that you’ve installed on your Outlook application. To find the add- below the “trust center” in the “tools” menu. Browse the populated list and eliminate any add in applications that you don’t use.

Disable your antivirus software whilst making use of MS Outlook; some antivirus programs interface with its operations.

Evaluation any error messages that show up onscreen during the startup of Outlook. When you receive an error message, Outlook has not been in a position to shut down a file correctly and will must reconcile the issue at startup. Click on the apparatus icon to check the status of the issue.


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