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How to Troubleshoot a Lexmark Laser Printer


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When technical difficulties arise, it is time to troubleshoot. When you troubleshoot a Lexmark laser printer, you will run a few tests to diagnose the problem and then, hopefully, fix it. Lexmark has tech support, but first let’s take a shot at fixing it yourself by troubleshooting.


  • Check to see if the printer is online. Might seem like a no-brainer, but it happens more often than you would think. Make sure the printer is plugged into the wall and powered on.
  • Check the printer’s status. If there is a flashing light or an error message on the LCD screen, you have a problem. Refer to the manual to see what is wrong or if it is an obvious message like “Out of paper,” then fix the problem.
  • Refill the paper. This one is easy, too. Pop open the paper tray and add some more sheets of paper. Be sure to fan the paper to get rid of static and be sure to insert the paper correctly. There should be some indicators on the printer to help.
  • Check the toner. The printer’s screen will usually let you know, or a message will pop up on the computer. Other printers will actually eject a cartridge when it is spent, so check the reservoir.
  • Replace the toner drum. When printouts get fuzzy or faded, it is about time to replace the toner. You’ll get an error message for this too.
  • Look to see if the cables are connected correctly. USB cables and parallel cables can easily get knocked loose, so make sure they are all pushed in firmly. Keep in mind that some printers are wireless.
  • Check the network. If everyone in the office is having printer problems, then it is probably a network issue and you should contact the network administrator.
  • Reinstall the drivers. If you have recently installed new software or the printer is printing strange characters, it is probably a driver issue. Visit the Lexmark website and download new drivers from the support section.
  • Check for paper jams. There are a couple doors you can open safely to check for paper jams. Clear them out carefully.


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