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How to Troubleshoot a Dell Photo Printer 924


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The Dell Photo Printer 924 is an all-in-one printer from the computer company Dell. The Dell Photo Printer 924 can print, scan and fax. The printer is also able to reproduce and print high-quality pages at photo-quality standards. Occasionally, the printer may malfunction or experience software and hardware errors.

  • Reset the Dell Photo Printer 924 by powering the printer off and on again using the power switch on the top right-hand corner of the photo printer. Wait for the display screen to light up before continuing.
  • Check that the Dell Photo Printer 924 is plugged securely into the computer from which you are attempting to print. Checking all cables and connections is the most critical step of troubleshooting Dell Photo Printer 924s. Pay special attention to the USB cable between the Dell Printer 924 and your desktop or laptop. Exchange the current cable for a new USB cable to see if the problem resides in the USB cord itself.
  • Verify that the Dell Photo Printer 924 is well-stocked with paper in its front-loading tray. Also, lift its front cover and check that all of its ink cartridges are locked in place and have sufficient amounts of ink. A “Low Ink” or “No Ink” warning on the Dell Photo Printer 924’s display screen will notify you if the printer is running low on printer ink.
  • Re-download the Dell Photo Printer 924 printing driver to troubleshoot any software-based printing problems. Visit the Dell Photo Printer 924 website and download the file called G11AWeb32924EN.exe. Click “Save.” Click “OK.” Wait for the driver to finish downloading. Double-click the downloaded file and press “Continue.” Follow the on-screen prompts to finish installing the Dell Photo Printer 924 driver. Restart your computer upon completion and attempt to print again.


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