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How to Install Microsoft Outlook in Windows XP


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Microsoft Outlook used to be available only as part of the Microsoft Office suite of tools, but starting with the 2007 version it can be purchased as a standalone program. Outlook differs from Outlook Express in that it is a complete personal information manager (PIM) that can keep with not only your contacts but also your calendar and other task lists as well. Outlook works and feels much like Outlook Express so there is no learning curve once you have it installed.

Stand Alone Version of Microsoft Outlook

Insert the disk that contains the Microsoft Outlook program into your CD or DVD drive on your computer.

Navigate to the CD or DVD drive using Windows Explorer if the program doesn’t start automatically. Click on “Setup” to start the install.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install Outlook to your XP computer.

Click on “Yes” or “No” when the program starts and asks if you want it to be your Default email program.

Installing from the Office Suite

Place the Office disk in your CD or DVD drive. The setup program should begin automatically.

Disable the programs from the Office suite that you do not want to install by clicking on the drop down box beside each and clicking on “Do Not Install.”

Click on the “OK” or “Install” button at the bottom of the screen. Outlook will install the program to your computer.

Remove the disk from the drive after the installation is complete.

Open Outlook and click the appropriate button if you want Outlook to be your default mail handler.

Setup your email accounts and if desired you can use the Import feature under the file menu to import your Outlook Express contacts and address book.


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