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How to Install Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows XP


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Microsoft Office 2007 is the latest version of the Office suite of software, which includes many different programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This suite was designed for Windows XP operating systems or later versions and provides for more functionality than its previous releases. Microsoft Office is one the best solutions for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software, and can be easily downloaded and installed to your PC.

Go to

Scroll down to the “Microsoft Office” section and click on the Office suite link you would like to install, for example, “Office Standard 2007” or “Office Mobile.”

Click the “Download Now” button, and on the next page, select the “English” or “Spanish” radio button for product language in the “Download Now” box.

Enter your first and last names and then your email address so the system can send you the product key and update you with new information on the Microsoft Office products. Then click “Continue.”

Write down the Microsoft Office product key that appears on the page and click the “Download Now” button. Click on the “Save File” button in the download pop-up.

Double-click on the saved file with the .exe extension (this is an executable file), and then follow the installation wizard guidelines to install the Microsoft Office product to your computer.

Enter the product key you have written down when prompted to begin using the software. After the 60-day trial period for Microsoft Office, you will be prompted to purchase the full version or your software will be disabled.


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