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How to Install an HP Deskjet 6980 for Wireless


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If you have a wireless network at home or in the work office, you should as well as take merit of its capabilities, for example sharing a network printer through the wireless connection. Your HP Deskjet 6980 includes an implicit wireless adopter that is capable for receiving print jobs from any PC on your wireless network. Before printing from the PCs on your network, you have to run the printer hp deskjet 6980 wifi setup wizard.

  • Position the printer near your wireless network’s router. Connect an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port toward the back of the printer. Run the flip side to any of the numbered ports on the back side of the router. Press the “Print Report Page” button on the printer.
  • Explore to the setup page listed on the report page and click the tab labeled “Networking.”


  • Scroll to the “connections” heading and click “click.” Navigate to the tab labeled “Wireless Setup.” Click the “Begin Wizard” button.

  • Follow the prompts to connect the 6980 to your wireless network. Click “Finish” and close the browser.

  • Open the “Start” menu and explore to “Network.” Choose the “Add a Printer” option. Click “Add a network printer.”
  • Click “HP Deskjet 6980” and choose “Next” and “Complete” to access the printer through your PC’s wireless connection. Repeat the process of including the printer whatever other PCs on the wireless system.

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