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How to Fix Laptop Monitor Problems – Minor Troubleshooting


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Your laptop monitor is more likely to have problem compared to any other part of your computer. This is because the LCD monitor is very sensitive and requires extreme care in using. After some time, it is inevitable that you will be encountering an instance where the display will be blurred or even completely black. Laptop monitor problems should not cause panic on your part. Here are some steps on how to troubleshoot minor problems with your laptop’s monitor:

  • If you can’t see the picture in your monitor, adjust the display brightness on the settings. It can be found on the control panel or you can read your laptop’s manual to check the F keys that correspond to your monitor display.
  • Try plugging in your laptop into an external monitor to check if the problem is hardware related or not. If you can see the picture on the external monitor, then you need to have your monitor checked by a professional.
  • There are some instances that the problem is caused by the software that you have running in your laptop. So, restart your computer to be sure that it is not a hardware problem.
  • Try to jiggle the power button. If your monitor is flickering, then the problem is with the switch. This may happen often, since it is located near the hinge.
  • The simplest trick is to turn off your laptop then remove the battery. Let it rest for a few minutes. Then put the battery back on and restart your computer. This is the most common solution to your laptop monitor problems.

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