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How to Fix Error 6C10 on a Canon MX870


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The Canon Pixma MX870 multifunction printer has wireless capability and utilizations a progression of numbered error codes to help you help any issues to have your printer. When “Error 6C10” shows up on your printer’s screen, you will not be able to print until you resolve the error, which is regularly created by improperly installed ink cartridges, insufficient power supply, or a foreign object jammed inside your printer.


  • Open the paper output tray, and after that lift the scanning unit to get to the print head. All ink tanks ought to be illuminated with a red light. If any ink tanks are not lit up, remove and re-install them to check whether this fixes the issue. Replace any ink tanks that won’t illuminate even when properly installed.
  • Disconnect the printer’s power cord from any additional cord or surge protectors and plug it directly into a wall outlet.
  • Reset the printer. Press “On” on your printer’s control panel to turn off the power. Wait ten seconds; then press “On” again to restore power. Hold up until the printer stops making noise before attempting to finish your print job.
  • Inspect the printer carefully to check whether a foreign object is causing about the mistake. Unplug your printer, and afterward utilize a flashlight to look down the back tray range, utilizing tweezers to remove any visible obstruction, for example, and paper clips. Lift to open the scanning unit, and precisely push the carriage to every side to review all regions inside the printer, again utilizing tweezers to remove any foreign object you find. When you are certain the printer is clear of any obstructions, Plug it to and press “On” to turn it back on.


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