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How to Fix an HP 6110 Printer


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The HP OfficeJet 6110 combines a printer, scanner and fax machine to give you an all-in-one office tool. Like all hardware, however, it is prone to several issues. The impressive functionality of the HP 6110 makes it susceptible to more problems than the average printer, and there are a few common problems. For anything else, the support on HP’s website is very thorough.

Paper Jam

Unplug the OfficeJet 6110. Aside from the obvious safety risks implicit in working with live electrical devices, the printer’s paper-feed rollers don’t properly loosen up unless the 6110 is unplugged.

Turn the machine around, and remove the hatch at the back. This can be done by pushing the release buttons inward, then pulling the panel away.

Check inside to see if there is a jam. Remove any paper that has gotten stuck in the rollers. Tweezers may be required, as the paper frequently tears while you try to free it, and even a small bit of paper can bring up the “Paper Jam” message. After inspecting the unit, replace the back panel.


Open the top of the OfficeJet 6110 like a chest. With the most care, remove any paper stuck in the front rollers in the same way as before. If the rollers look dirty, the bits stuck to them may be causing the error. Use a moist cloth to dab them until they’re clean.

Ensure that the white “Paper Path Absorbers” are down. These are located directly in front of the rollers at the front, and if they are raised, they can clog up the printer. There is a black absorber directly behind them, so if they are raised, push them down so they are at the same height as the black ones.

Close up the machine, reconnect it to the power source, and try to print again to ensure that you have corrected the problem.

Cartridge Issues

Turn the OfficeJet 6110 on. Open the top of the printer, and allow it to click into place. The cartridges will now move into the center.

Undo the latches in front of each cartridge, and then take them out.

Inspect the cartridges. If they are new, make sure the protective tape isn’t still on them. Also, check for any damage to the electrical strip. If there are any holes or tears, you may need new cartridges.

Replace the cartridges, close the printer and try to print again. Even if you found nothing wrong, the issue may be cleared up by reattaching them. If problems persist, you may need to clean the cartridges.

Scanner Failure

Turn the product off and on. A common issue with the HP OfficeJet 6110 is the display screen reading “Scanner Failure.” This is often a minor glitch that can be corrected with a simple restart.

Check the scanner’s bulb. The error message also displays when the bulb is not getting enough power. If you have it plugged into any sort of multiple plug socket adapter, the distribution of the electricity could mean that the 6110 is not getting enough energy to correctly power the bulb. Try plugging the device directly into the wall socket. Reset the printer, and try again.

If the problem continues, consult a professional. Unfortunately, “Scanner Failure” is a very common error message and displays as a result of any number of issues with the hardware. Instead of tinkering around with each possible problem, it is much safer to simply go to a professional.


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