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How to Fix Acer Computers


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All computers suffer occasionally from outdated drivers, screen display issues, and any number of problems, as most advanced pieces of electronics do. Acer computers are no different. Neither are they different in that successful troubleshooting and error fixes can be applied that will alleviate the problems encountered by your Acer machine. With a working Internet connection and a Phillips-head screwdriver, many Acer computer problems can be navigated and corrected in just a few minutes of your time.

Check your power source and connections. Is your Acer laptop battery dead? If so, is the AC adapter snugly plugged in? Check the wall outlet or surge protector. Try unplugging and replugging the power cord into a different outlet. Also, check the brightness settings on your monitor to make sure you are not being fooled. Sometimes, the brightness settings may accidentally have been turned all the way down, resulting in what seems to be a blank screen.

Check online for recent mouse/trackpad and keyboard drivers. Sometimes new drivers come out that must be applied to your Acer machine and these will fix keyboard and mouse functionality and response issues. After these drivers are found, they can be downloaded and then installed with a simple click and computer restart.

Check to see if you are having display issues on your computer. If so, connect your Acer to an external monitor to see if the issue lies with the display itself or is a deeper problem, such as your motherboard. Make this connection to the external monitor using a VGA cable. With this connection made, turn on both your Acer and the external monitor. If the external monitor does not light up, you may have a motherboard or video problem and you should consider sending your unit off to the manufacturer. If the monitor lights up and displays your desktop contents, proceed.

Replace your Acer screen. This will be necessary if the external monitor worked. To replace the screen, first unscrew and remove the screws surrounding the screen bezel. Use a Phillips screwdriver to do so. Then, pop off the bezel carefully and lay it aside.

Remove the two screws off each of the metal brackets on the edge of the display. There is one metal bracket on each side of the display, and these are visible only after the bezel is removed.

Disconnect the inverter cable from the cable connector. The inverter cable can be seen after the bezel is removed, and it is located at the bottom center of the display, just above the keyboard. The connector lies right beside the cable. With the cable unplugged, lift up and remove the old display carefully.

Set the new screen in the old one’s place, plug in the inverter cable once more, and then replace the metal bracket screws so as to hold the screen in place. Then, fit the bezel back over the display and replace all the bezel screws. The screen has been replaced.


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