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How to Defrag Windows Vista


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The older your computer system the better the chance that it has become cluttered with data from installs, uninstalls, moving of files, and many other activities that will slow down your computer over time. As Windows Vista has been out for several years now many of those users are trying to find the easiest way to Defrag their Windows Vista operating system.

We’ve listed below a couple ways that you can easily defrag your windows vista computer.

To use your defrag tool located within Windows Vista. It must be noted that although this is the easiest way, it might not be the best as some people have noted that the defrag tool included in the operating system does lack some of the capabilities of other third party applications.

To Begin:

Left click on the Start icon, usually the bottom left of your taskbar.

Left click on All Programs.
Left click on Accessories.
Left click on System Tools.
Left click on Disk Defragmenter.

It should be noted that if you are not the administrator of the computer you might be asked to input the password to perform this action.

There are many different options to choose from as disk fragmentation is a very big issue that can annoy many users because it can lead to system crashes and a loss of speed. When looking into the different disk defrag tools that are on the market right now it is best to do a search, and see if there is a free scan or trial of the program. Many times these introductions to the product will allow you to get a feel for the overall way the program was designed, as well as how it runs on your system. It might take several different scans to get a program that you think will do the job that best suits your needs.

Again, it is very important to continually defrag your computer as the clutter that comes along with everyday use can have a very negative effect on your system. If you haven’t yet performed a disk defragmentation on your computer in a long time (or if ever) you will most likely notice a huge increase in speed and overall increase with the interaction with your computer system.


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