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How to Customize an Invoice in Quickbooks


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QuickBooks is the most generally utilized accounting program for small business in USA. Business owners can quickly know the forms printed by the software package. While it’s not an extremely important matter, some business owners choose that their invoices, sales receipts and other forms look individually their own. Customizing an invoice in QuickBooks is simple to do.

Customizing a QuickBooks Invoice

  1. Select the correct template for your business. Open a null invoice in QuickBooks and view in the upper right hand corner for the word, “template.”

* The program comes with a limited number of invoice templates for product similar and service similar businesses.

  1. Select the template that good your type of business. These templates can then be customized to make the columns and rows of your choice to use. If none of the templates is to your affinity, follow the directions for “Manage Templates” button.
  2. Find and press the “Customize” button in the upper right corner. A menu window will pop up titled “Basic Customization.” The “Manage Templates” button will permit you to connect to the site at Intuit to download a more correct template for your business’ forms.
  3. Find the “Use Logo” box and press it. This will permit you to upload the logo to the forms. The logo will come in the box with the address and contact information of your business.
  4. Below the “Use Logo” box is the “Color Scheme” if you want to print your forms in color and the “Change Font” form. You have the option of selecting a different font for each section of the form. Highlight the section of the form for which you hope to change the font and press the “Change Font” button.
  5. Delete or add company information in the form. The bottom section of this window permits the customer to either add or delete company information for display on the form. As a default, the name, address, phone, fax, email address and website are all printed on each invoice. Uncheck the boxes for the data you do not wish to be printed on the Invoices.

Use the “Additional Customization” Button.

The Header – Click on this button which will open a trivial window. It is here that you will be capable to change the words utilized on the invoice, considering the header. It permits you to display information on screen and select not to print by easily un-checking the box under the “Screen” and “Print” columns.

Columns – It permits you to change the order in which the columns come on the invoice by changing the order number. This also permits you to change the title on each of the columns.

Program Columns – These permit the company to make columns for products that are ordered, formerly invoiced, backordered and for the sales order number.

Footer – This is for the section at the bottom of the invoice that considered the message to the customer, total, payments and credits, balance due, customer total balance and job total balance with the choice of the long text to be printed for valid disclaimers, warranties, etc.

Print – Here you’ll find options for the printing of the invoices which can be utilized to change printer settings and more.

Layout Designer– Press on the layout designer. The layout designer permits one to change the sizes and widths of each of the rows and columns utilizing a click-and-drag technique. Use this option once all other customization has been completed

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