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How to Configure Webmail


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Webmail is an online email service that allows you to access your messages from anywhere in the world. Several popular Internet companies, including Yahoo!, Google (Gmail), AOL and Microsoft (Hotmail), each offer this type of free email service to consumers. Once you’ve registered a webmail account, you’ll want to configure it to ensure that all of your messages are properly received. Since webmail utilizes post office protocol, or POP, other client accounts may filter into this single one for convenience.

  • Log in to your webmail account using your username and password.
  • Locate the POP mail settings. Typically this can be found under a “Settings” or “Options” link.
  • Fill in the text fields with the proper POP account credentials. This information can be obtained from your POP mail client. You’ll need a username, password, POP server and port. The username and password will be the same as the one you use to log in to the account.
  • Adjust mail delivery settings. Webmail services allow users the option to leave a copy of email messages on the original client’s server. This is helpful should you download your email to a personal computer.
  • Send an email to your POP email account. Ensure that the message was delivered to your webmail.


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