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How to Fix the Web page Cannot Be Shown Error


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When you open a Web internet browser in attempt to visit a web page, you may receive a warning saying the Web page cannot be shown. When this happens, it means there is a break in the interaction somewhere in between the pc’s Web internet browser and the Web server website operating system support the web page on the Online. By problem solving each step of the relationship process, you can determine if the issue is with your pc, you’re ISP or the Web support company of the web page.

  • Check your Internet access. For example, examine the wire or DSL device for a status mild showing Internet connection. If no indication mild is shown, or if it is flashing, reboot the device and wait two minutes for the indication to resynchronize. If it does not resynchronize, contact your ISP.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router, if you are using one. A Wi-Fi router is basically a small pc that runs an operating system. Just like any other device running an operating system, wireless routers can occasionally crash or lock up. Restoring the Wi-Fi router by disconnecting, then reconnecting the cord repairs this issue.
  • Ensure the pc is connected to the device or Wi-Fi router. Make sure both ends of the wire are connected firmly, for wired relationships. Examine whether the pc is associated with the Wi-Fi network, for Wi-Fi relationships.
  • Try a different web page. If you can connect to other websites, but not your desired site, the web page in question is having internet access issues.

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