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How to Find the Toshiba Recovery Drivers for My Laptop


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Drivers are essential to you being able to use your Toshiba laptop. If drivers become corrupted or missing, the devices they interact with will malfunction or stop working. In most cases fixing a driver issue involves uninstalling, reinstalling and/or upgrading the driver program. When your computer is on the fritz, however, being able to find drivers to solve the problem is the biggest hurdle. Luckily, Toshiba offers a support site from which you can download your drivers.

  • Identify your laptop. You will want to find the family and model of your Toshiba laptop. Usually the family name and model number will be stickered on the bottom of your unit. An example would be — Family: Satellite, and Model: L500-ST2521.
  • Navigate to Toshiba’s support site. Using your Toshiba laptop or another Internet-capable computer, point your browser to “” After navigating to the site, look for the link labeled “Product Support” and click it. A drop-down menu should then appear asking for you to choose a category, family, and model. An example selection might be — Category: Laptop, Family: Satellite, and Model: L500-ST2521. After highlighting your selections, click “Go.”
  • Search for drivers. After narrowing down your specific laptop, click on the tab labeled “Downloads.” In the “Refine Search by” section select your operating system in the drop-down menu. Then in the “All Categories” drop-down highlight “Driver.” Allow the options to sort and narrow. There may be more than one page of drivers. You will want to visually scan for the driver you need. For example, if your Wi-Fi is malfunctioning, the appropriate driver might be called “Wireless LAN.” Click the link to advance to that page.
  • Read about and download the driver. You may want to initially skim the literature about the driver to ensure you heed any warnings. Find the button labeled “Download Now” and click it. If you are browsing the web on the same computer for which you are seeking drivers, then be sure you download the drive program into a folder you can easily recall. If you have had to use a different computer, use a USB flash drive or memory card to store the driver.


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