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How to Find the PST File in Outlook


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Microsoft’s Outlook email program keeps track of the settings and information for your account in a single Outlook Data File. This file, which uses the PST extension, stores everything from contacts to calendar appointments, making it the cornerstone of your Outlook email experience. Given the importance of your PST file, backing it up is a good idea. While Outlook 2010 generally saves PST files in the “Outlook Files” section of your “Documents” folder, the location can be different for some installations. Fortunately, you can look up the exact location of your PST file from within Outlook itself.



Via Account Settings.

  • Open Outlook 2010.
  • Click the Microsoft Ribbon Icon, then click “File.”
  • Click “Info” in the list of options.
  • Click “Account Settings” in the main viewing pane, then select “Account Settings” from the list of options.
  • Click on the “Data Files” tab in the window that appears.
  • Look for your PST file’s location under the “Filename” column in the center viewing pane. Click on the listing to highlight it, then press the “Open Folder” option just above the center viewing pane to open the folder containing your PST file in the standard Windows Explorer interface.


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