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How to Create Personal File Folders in Outlook


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Microsoft Outlook’s Personal Folders file feature is useful for storing email, addresses and other information. You can create multiple Personal Folders in the PST format. Because PST files store all your email data in a single file, they are easy to back up. The newer version that appears in Outlook 2003 and up has Unicode support and unlimited capacity, whereas Outlook 97-2002 did not support Unicode and had a limit of 65,000 items and 2 GB size per PST file.

Outlook 2007

  • On the “File” menu, click “New” > “Outlook Data File.”
  • Choose “Outlook Office Personal Folders File (.pst)” from the list.
  • Enter your desired file name for the PST file. Its extension will be .pst.
  • Enter a display name for the folder.
  • Create a password if you want password protection for your Personal Folders file.
  • View your folders list. On the “Go” menu, choose “Folder List.” You should see the new Personal Folders file you just created.

Outlook 2010

  • Click on the Microsoft Office logo on the upper-left corner of the Outlook main screen.
  • Click on “Account Settings,” and from the drop-down menu select “Account Settings” again.
  • Click on the “Data Files” tab.
  • Select “Add” to add a Personal Folders file.
  • Create a new Personal Folders file or browse your computer for an existing PST file.
  • Enter a desired file name for the new PST.
  • Choose a display name for the folder as you want it to appear in Outlook.
  • Enter a password if desired.


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