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How to Create a Mail Folder in Outlook 2007


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Email is meant to make communication faster and easier. But you need to create an organizational structure to efficiently use email. Mail folders organize your emails into categories. Microsoft Outlook features the ability to create multiple email folders. This organizational structure is similar to your file folders on your computer with different sub-levels available. Additionally, you can set rules to automatically route emails that meet a certain criteria to a pre-determined folder.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2007. Click “Go” on the top menu bar and select “Mail.” The shortcut key is “CTRL” and “1.”
  • Select “File” on the top menu bar. Choose “New” from the menu. Select “Folder” from the list. This option is also available by clicking the down arrow on the “New” button or by right clicking a personal folder in the left navigation pane. The shortcut key is “CTRL,” “Shift” and “C.”
  • Name the new folder. Choose “Mail and Post Items” from the drop down box. Select the personal folder where you want the new folder created. Click “OK.”


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