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How to Configure a Canon Pixma MP620 Printer without a Disc


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The Canon Pixma MP620 printing device can only connect with computers that have the computer printers drivers set up. The MP620 initially came with a set up disk that let you set up the drivers on your pc, but if you do not have the disk you can still set up the drivers on your pc by installing them from the canon Eos website. Installing the drivers from Cannon will ensure you put in the edition that is suitable for your pc’s os, helping avoid problems with the computer printer’s performance.

  • Turn on the Pixma MP620 and the pc you wish to use with the printing device. Do not connect the USB wire into the devices at this time.
  • Open the pc’s Web internet browser and go to the canon Eos homepage. Type “Pixma MP620” into the empty box next to “Search” and press the “Enter” key.
  • Click the “Drivers and Software” option under the MP620. Simply select os your pc has set up using the pull-down selection marked “Select OS.”
  • Click on the link under the “Drivers” area, then select the “I Agree — Start Download” key to start downloading the latest car owner onto your pc. Simply select the “Run” key once the application has finished downloading.
  • Follow the guidelines on the screen, which differ according to the os set up on your pc. When the application encourages, connect the USB wire into the back of the MP620 and the pc.

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