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How to Change Your Home Page to Yahoo


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Yahoo is a highly influential Web site today, with dozens of features to draw users from around the world. Whether you’re at home, at the office or on the go, Yahoo has everything you need to stay connected. Its usefulness also makes Yahoo among the top choices for users as a home page.



  • Start your favorite Internet browser and head to the Yahoo home page.
  • Choose the ‘Options’ menu from your browser. This may also be named ‘Preferences,’ ‘Internet Settings’ or something similar.
  • Change the home page listed in the ‘Home Page’ field to ‘http: //’
  • Click ‘OK’ to make your changes active. Your browser’s options page might actually require you to press ‘Apply.’
  • Test your settings by closing and restarting your Web browser. If done correctly, your home page will now be Yahoo. Otherwise, repeat the steps and be sure to press ‘Apply’ before pressing ‘OK.’
  • Choose pages from within the Yahoo server to be your home page.
  • For the best experience with Yahoo as your home page you should consider creating a Yahoo account. This will allow you to customize the layout of the Yahoo home page to serve your specific needs.
  • Remember that you can always use Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Help to get more information about Yahoo services and features.
  • Don’t change your work home page to Yahoo unless you know that is allowed. Some office servers monitor Internet usage, and this might be frowned upon. (It also might encroach on your own privacy.) Get permission or know it’s permitted before making the change.
  • Remove items from your Startup folder like ‘AOL’. These items are known to alter your home page back to its original settings regardless of what you enter into your browser’s options page.


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