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Canon Printer Not Working


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If you are having problems getting your Canon printer to print perfectly or even turn on at all you don’t have to instantly resort to returning it or taking it to an electronics repair facility. There are several various troubleshooting steps you can follow on your own and in conjunction with Canon’s printing software to get your printer back in operating condition rapidly.


See if your Canon printer has its indicator lights flashing in a particular pattern and then discuss your manual to see if there is a reciprocal error code. Follow the guidelines in the manual for how to fix the combined issue, or continue on with more troubleshooting if it isn’t showing an exact error code.


Make assured the power cord is plugged into your wall outlet and the USB cable is securely connected to your computer. Open the top of the printer and do a keen visual inspection to see if there is a piece of paper stuck in the paper feed.


Restart your computer and try to print off something new in case the computer has stopped making your printer or the print queue has stopped answering due to a software error.


Operate to your computer’s “Control Panel” and click on the “Printers and Faxes” option. Click on the “Add a Printer” button if your Canon printer isn’t displaying up in the list. Follow the on-screen guidelines so that your computer will run a test to try to encounter the printer.


Attempt uninstalling and re-installing the Canon software that came with your printer and then navigate your Web browser to their official Web site and download the most new version of the software driver.

Step -6

Open the Canon printer software and select the “Properties” or “Options” tab. Click on the option to “Test Alignment” or “Clean Print Heads,” depending on which version of the software you are utilizing. Wait for the printer to finish its alignment and then print off a test page. Check to see if the test page printed perfectly and then contact Canon for repair or replacement options if it still isn’t working accurately.

If you are facing any kind of issues call Canon Printer Support Number +1-800-293-9401

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