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Quickbooks Backup Not Working

You might be detecting one of several causes for QuickBooks internal backups not working, including a few errors that Intuit possibly is aware of, but have yet to resolve.

Let’s begin with some of the easier causes, and then work our way toward some points of failure. For most of these, the fix easily is to resolve the reason behind the backup failure. In a few cases, you need a bit more instruction, and even the capability to laugh at technical support’s recommendations.

By the way, these are all related to the internal backup procedure of QuickBooks Desktop. These are not intended to address any problems related to the use of Intuit Data Protect or any other external backup for QuickBooks files.

File Name Too Long

Yes, having a Company file name that exceeds 65 characters definitely can be the cause of your backup failing. We also have seen this when the file name has a lot of spaces, underscores and special characters.

Sybase recommends that data-file names never exceed 30 characters and have no spaces or special characters. Your file name does not require mirroring you Company’s DBA (doing business as) or registered (legal) Name.

File Path Too Long

If you buy your Company files in a sub-directory-of-a-sub-directory, of-a-sub-directory-of-a sub-directory within a directory that’s not on the root drive, expect to have issues. The same applies if you’re trying to store your backup file to such a layer of sophistication that’s “lost in space”.

Quickbooks Backup Not Working

Quickbooks Backup Not Working

File Too Big

If you’re trying to backup a QuickBooks file that’s more than 3 GIG in size, you’re out of luck. It’s time for a smaller file if you expect to use the QuickBooks backup feature.

Improper Drive or Insufficient Access Rights

Nothing will stop a QuickBooks Backup faster than attempting to shuttle it off onto an external drive or flash drive, or into a directory where not only you, but the QuickBooks Database Server, hasn’t received the basic Windows access rights (full permissions). Ever make your backup to either a directory under the root drive or the Computer desktop, then cut-and-paste it to your desired storage location, even if that is on a “my cloud drive” at Tranquility Base, 1 Moon Avenue, Earth Satellite.

Preference Setting Conflict

Another cause for automatic or scheduled backups failing stems from the use of the “Keep QuickBooks running for rapid startups” feature. While QuickBooks goes through the motions of creating the backup until the very end, it never actually finishes. In these cases, a .tmp file is usually created in the QuickBooks directory where your file is resident.

In this case, you can turn off the choice to “keep QuickBooks running…” and the backup may proceed normally from that point on. Okay, so you give up “speedy startup” for the “reliable backup.” Is that a fair trade or what?

User Name Conflict

It seems that one of the most common reasons why scheduled backups don’t work is that they have not been perfectly configured in the setup procedure. Most of the time, this improper configuration deals with the User Name and Password entered.

A lot of users think this has to do with a QuickBooks User Name and Password, but that isn’t true. It has to do with the Windows User Name and Password for the computer where the backup is being run. Furthermore, if the computer where QuickBooks is scheduled for backup is on a Domain, the Username must be a fully qualified User name (Domain\Username) and the combined password.

QuickBooks Hosting Conflict

This possibly is the second most common reason why scheduled backups don’t work. If QuickBooks is setup for multi-user operation, and hosting is enabled, the hosting function must be local to the computer running the scheduled backup. This means workstations cannot run the scheduled backup – only the QuickBooks host computer (typically the server computer) can run the scheduled backup.

Since a lot of Client-Server installations of QuickBooks only have the QuickBooks Database Server installed on the Server and NOT the complete QuickBooks application, the ‘scheduled backup’ is unavailable and will not run perfectly if you attempt to perform that function from a workstation.

Application Conflict

It seems that after installing a later version of QuickBooks on your PC, some earlier versions (if you’re using multiple versions like many accountants and corporate users) will experience an issue with the AutoBackupEXE capability to perform either automatic backup at the closure of a file or a scheduled backup.

There you have it. The most common reasons by QuickBooks internal backups fail, whether they’re automatic, scheduled or otherwise. Just remember, “The only bad backup is the one that didn’t run”, so get these problems resolved.

“If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our Quickbooks tech support number +1-800-293-9401.”

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