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What are the causes and ways to fix Brother Printer not working issue?


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The Brother printer fits for all uses in the home, office, network workgroups etc. The Brother has been producing high quality printouts for years and years. The Brother printer comes in various categories such as color inkjet peinter, laser printer, label and mobile printing solutions etc. The state-of-the-art technology in the package of unbeatable affordable price makes Brother Printer ideal for both home and office printing purposes. However, there are some issues with the Brother printer. The main problems associated with the Brother printers are unreliability, short life, printing errors and paper jams.

The following are the symptoms and tips to fix this issue:

Paper jams

Printer Error code

Can’t connect printer

Paper jams

The paper in the Brother printer may get curled, twisted and warped and lead to paper jam issues. This issue causes the failure in delivering printouts in a successful way. The print quality also might get affected due to this issue. You could resolve the issue by using good quality papers for printouts. Also you need to call the technical experts for repairing the printer if it faces further issues.

Printer Error code

There is a chance in which your Brother printer shows an error code S05 in the LCD screen of the system. This error code appears when your Brother printer cannot transfer the data through the parallel ports smoothly. Such errors in the printer result in the failure of the printing process. You could resolve the issue by resetting your Brother printer and resuming the printing process once again.

Can’t connect printer

There are situations in which your Brother Printer could not be connected to the system even if you installed the printer driver in your system. Due to this, you could not be able to take the printouts with the help of the printer. You could resolve the issue from the ‘Control Panel’. Go to Control Panel after installing the printer driver and select the option of ‘Printers’ in it. Then, click on the ‘Properties’ of the above option. You need to disable the ‘bidirectional support’ in order to fix the issue.


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