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How to Use Readiris With an HP Scanner


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Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) Document Management or All-in-One scanner includes Readiris Pro, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, that makes scanning and editing text documents easier. The program is also included with select HP photo scanners. An OCR program works by converting the printed characters on your scanned document into digital text. This text can then be edited or used in another document. Readiris works as an add-on program along with HP Director, the control program for your HP scanner.

HP Scanner

HP Scanner


Installing Readiris Pro

  • Close any open programs or files. If Readiris Pro is already installed on your computer, skip to Section 2.
  • Insert the Readiris Pro CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM.
  • Click “Next” when the “InstallShield” dialog box appears.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Click “Finish” when prompted. The Readiris for HP splash screen will appear.

Scanning Documents With Readiris

  • Open the scanner’s lid. Place the first page of the document you want to scan print-side down on the scanner’s glass.
  • If using an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and scanning multiple pages, place the pages print-side up in your HP scanner’s ADF.
  • Open Readiris Pro by clicking on the program’s name on the “All Programs” menu, if the program is not already open. If using a flatbed scanner, skip to Step 4.
  • Click “Scanner Settings,” if using an ADF. Click on the check box next to the type of HP scanner you are using. Click on the check box next to the wording “ADF.” Proceed to the next step.
  • Click “Scanner Settings.” Select “300 DPI” for the scan resolution.
  • Click “Scanning Options,” “Scan.” Your document will scan and appear in the program’s dialog box.
  • Click on “Recognition.”
  • Click on “Recognize,” “Save” to send the scanned document to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or another application for editing.


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