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How to Use a Dell Scanner


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With the introduction of all-in-one printers, stand alone scanners are an endangered piece of technology. Their size and portability, however, still make them useful for frequent scanning. Follow the steps below for help using a Dell scanner.

Dell Scanner

Dell Scanner

  • Turn on your computer. Plug the USB cable from the Dell scanner to an open USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on the Dell scanner. Some scanners may power on automatically once connected.
  • Wait for the drivers to load. Many scanners are now plug and play, meaning they do not need to be installed manually. If the scanner came with a CD, it is a good idea to insert it and install any updated drivers or software to utilize your scanner.
  • Open the software you want to use with the scanner. This could be the software that came on the accompanying CD, or an imaging software suite you download.
  • Open the scanner lid and place the document or photo face down on the scanner.
  • Click “import” in the software menu and choose the Dell scanner from the list of devices. Click “Scan” and follow the on-screen instructions to scan and save your image or document.


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