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How to Upgrade Quickbooks Software


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As with any procedure in using QuickBooks, there is more than one way to accomplish the same task. Upgrading QuickBooks is extremely easy and only has a few cautions that go with it. You must ask yourself if updating the software is necessary (i.e. do you have any payroll or merchant credit-card subscriptions with Intuit?), determine which method you will use to update (retail store purchase or download from QuickBooks website) and verify the correct version (Pro, Premiere or Enterprise) to which you must upgrade.

  • Verify that an upgrade is necessary. Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, recommends upgrading its software every three years. All payrolls, merchant services and other services offered through QuickBooks maintain usability through the third year. At the end of the third year, the features will still work, but customer service and all software updates cease. Your 2010 version of QuickBooks will continue to work regardless of what year it is, but in May 2014 all software updates and patches will cease. If you are using payroll services, credit-card processing or any other Intuit-provided service through QuickBooks, you will need to upgrade your software.
  • Purchase a new version of QuickBooks at a retail store. When you install a new version of QuickBooks software, whether it is purchased at a retail store or not, the installation wizard will seek out the old QuickBooks files and prompt you to upgrade those company files to the new version being installed. It is a simple process of following the step-by-step instructions on the wizard.
    This is not always the most economical way to purchase an upgrade. Purchasing from a retail store is paying full price for a new software package. There is a cheaper option that is just as effective and a little faster as well.
  • Download the upgrade from the QuickBooks website link embedded in the software. On the home page of the QuickBooks file there is a section for company Information. There will be an icon on the bottom of that section that reads, “ Services”. Click on that icon, and the Intuit QuickBooks webpage will open up. Click on the tab labeled “Products and Services,” and you will see the option to purchase the latest version of QuickBooks software.
  • The full software package costs $30 or more than the upgrade, so make sure that you choose the “Upgrade” tab and not the “New” tab. If your version of QuickBooks is more than three years old and you attempt to upgrade, depending on how old your current version is, there may be compatibility issues that have to be overcome.
  • Verify that you are upgrading to the right version of the right year. If you are currently using a prior year's version of QuickBooks Premiere because you are using backorders or inventory tracking, you will need to upgrade to the new year's version of Premiere. You will not be able to convert from QuickBooks Premiere to QuickBooks Pro without losing data and causing some errors in the new updated company file.


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