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How to Update Toshiba Laptop Drivers


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Computer drivers are small pieces of software that allow your computer to communicate with a variety of computer parts and peripherals such as a graphics card or a printer. You will need to download new drivers every time you buy a new computer part or computer peripheral. Sometimes, your new purchase will include a DVD with the drivers on it. However, you should go to Toshiba’s support website to get the latest drivers for your laptop.

  • Open your computer’s browser, and navigate to the Toshiba support website.
  • Click on “Laptops” in the box on the left side of the Toshiba website under “Downloads.” Choose your laptop’s family and model. Click “Go.”
  • Scan the list of drivers provided on the next page that appears, and choose your desired driver.
  • Click the “Download Now” button, and wait for the driver to download.
  • Click on the “Wizard” prompt and follow the onscreen instructions. Restart your computer to start using the new driver.


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