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How to Update ASUS Drivers


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Your ASUS computer contains all the drivers it needs for normal operation for every device that came with it through its driver CD. When a device doesn’t work properly and you try to perform a special action, you probably need to update these drivers, since Asus fixes new driver bugs all the time. A blue screen followed by that dreaded sudden shutdown tells you that you need to update drivers because of a fatal hardware issue.

Asus Laptop

Asus Laptop

Through the ASUS Website

  • Go to the ASUS website.
  • Select the country or region where you bought the computer.
  • Click “Services” and “Support”.
  • Click the “Download” link.
  • Select your computer’s model and click “Search”.
  • Select your operating system and click “Search”.
  • Expand the driver list and download the drivers you seek. Select the “Global” link so you don’t download using a manager and write the letters displayed on the page in the box. Click “Submit” to start the download. Browse to the location of the file after the download completes and double-click it to open it. Double-click “setup.exe” inside the archive folder you just opened. This runs the installation wizard. Just follow along and you’ll finish installing the drivers promptly.

On Your Own Computer

  • Click on your “Start” menu and click “Control Panel”.
  • Click “System and Security” and “System”. On Windows XP, don’t forget to also click the “Hardware” tab when you open “System”.
  • Click “Device Manager”. Right-click the device you would like to update and click “Update Drivers” or “Update Driver Software”. Click the option that allows Windows to search for updates on the Internet, and then click “Next”. If Windows finds an update, it installs it automatically. Otherwise, see the section above on how to do this through the ASUS website.


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