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How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi on an HP Printer


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Many Hewlett-Packard printers feature wireless functionality that allows you to print from a computer without being connected to it. The networking functionality even allows you to print remotely–from outside of the work environment. HP uses Wi-Fi technology to connect the printer to the network. It’s the same technology that your laptop users to connect to a hot spot. Problems using Wi-Fi on an HP printer that is enabled for it are related to connecting and usually can be corrected by doing some troubleshooting.

HP Wireless Printer

HP Wireless Printer

  • Disconnect your computer from any VPN (virtual private network) that may be in use in your work environment before accessing the printer.
  • Make sure the wireless on your computer is enabled if you want to use Wi-Fi to connect to the printer. Often there’s a hardware switch on a laptop case. It’s the same switch you would use to turn the radio off while in flight. Switch it on and allow a minute or so for the laptop to find the network.
  • Move your HP printer closer to the router if it won’t connect. There is a limit to Wi-Fi’s range; concrete walls and other radio signals can cause interference. Try unplugging older portable phones–they’re on the same 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • Check that the router is powered on if you continue to have problems. The printer will keep looking until it finds the router. Look for the detected network names on the HP’s display.
  • Select “Enable Wireless” on your HP printer if the wireless radio light in the “Wireless Settings” menu on the display is off. If you continue to have problems, selecting “Enable Wireless” will tell the HP printer that it needs to look for the Wi-Fi signal.


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