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How to Troubleshoot a Slow Computer Due to McAfee


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McAfee is a manufacturer that generates virus security software for the PC, among other similar products. Although the McAfee system can help to live free from risks, the complication of its continuous disturbance and hogging of processer time signifies that your PC will run much more slowly than regular. Modifying this implies stunning a balance between an appropriate level of virus security and use of sources.

  • Open up your McAfee system and change the options so that it is no longer offering continuous security. Instead of enabling for continuous monitoring, allow the complete edition of McAfee only when you are directing to untrusted sites. For your schedule day-to-day browsing of common sites, such as information sites and reliable suppliers like, keep McAfee impaired.
  • Prevent McAfee from eating sources as soon as your PC begins. Start up the “Start” selection, then type “msconfig” in the search bar. Run the “msconfig” system and look at the Start-up tab. Uncheck all containers that are associated with McAfee–either by name or where McAfee is the maker detailed next to the product.
  • Run McAfee’s virus scanner only at the end of every day when you are completed using your PC. By only running the complete virus scanner at the end of the day, you will avoid McAfee from interfering and delaying your PC while you are still working.

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