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Troubleshoot scanner issues


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Error message while scanning

  1. Change Data Transfer Method under Scanner Options from Memory Mode to Native Mode. Memory mode uses the same data transfer method as previous versions of Acrobat and scans directly to the computer’s memory. Native mode scans directly to file and is considered to be more compatible with a wider variety of scanners.
  2. Change User Interface under Scanner Options from Hide Scanner’s Native Interface to Show Scanner’s Native Interface. Show Scanner’s Native Interface uses the same scanning method previous versions of Acrobat. It lets the scanner’s driver operate the scanner. Hide Scanner’s Native Interface attempts to use the twain driver directly. It can eliminate error messages, especially when you are scanning multiple pieces of paper. If none of these solutions work, then it’s sometimes necessary to use a workaround. See solution 8 under General troubleshooting tasks, or contact your scanner manufacturer for an updated driver.

General troubleshooting tasks

Perform the following tasks to determine if issues with the scanner, certain system settings, or driver issues cause the problem.

1-Verify that the scanner works by scanning in another application.

Verify that the scanner works properly by scanning into another application (for example, Microsoft Word) using the same settings that failed with Acrobat.

Note: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements don’t always provide good results to test against. Scanner manufacturers develop software specifically for these products to reduce the likelihood of problems.

If the problems recur when you scan into another application, then contact the scanner manufacturer.

2-Scan using Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) instead of TWAIN (Windows XP only).

Acrobat supports Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers. If your scanner supports both drivers, then select the WIA driver from the Device menu in the Create PDF from Scanner dialog box. Scan the document.

3-Install the latest scanner driver.

If a TWAIN file is missing or damaged, then Acrobat returns an error message when you try to scan using the TWAIN interface. Reinstalling the scanner driver replaces the TWAIN file.

Contact the scanner manufacturer to obtain the latest driver. To reinstall the driver, delete all files and folders that begin with Twain (for example, “Twain_32.dll”) in the Windows or Winnt folder. Then, restart Windows, and then install the latest scanner driver according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4-Restart your computer with startup items disabled.

Some applications can cause system errors or freezes when running concurrently with Adobe Acrobat. Before starting Acrobat, disable other applications, including startup items (items that start automatically with Windows).

To disable startup items in Windows XP, do the following:

  1. Quit all applications.
  2. Choose Start > Run. Type msconfig in the Open box and then click OK.
  3. In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab, and then select Disable All.
  4. Click OK, and then restart Windows.

To renewable the startup items, do the following:

  1. Choose Start > Run. Type msconfig in the Open box, and then click OK.
  2. In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab, and then select Enable All.
  3. Click OK, and then restart Windows.
  1. Rescan the image using a different color mode.

Scanning into Acrobat in some color modes can cause problems when using certain scanners. For instructions on scanning into Acrobat using a different color mode, see the documentation included with the scanner.

6-Specify the image size in the preview panel of the scanner software.

If the scanned image is clipped or has the wrong dimensions, then specify the image size in the preview panel for the scanner software. For instructions on specifying the image size, see the documentation included with the scanner.

7-Log in with a new account.

If you’ve successfully scanned into Acrobat before, then your user account could be corrupted, causing problems when you scan. Create a user account with administrative privileges, and then log in to Windows using the new account.

8-Scan the image into another application as a TIFFfile, and then convert the TIFF file to a PDF file.

To convert a TIFF file to PDF, do one of the following:

  • Drag the TIFF file onto the Acrobat icon.
  • In Acrobat, choose File > Create PDF > From File, select the TIFF file, and then click Open.
  • In the scanner software, print the TIFF file to the Adobe PDF Printer.

Correcting page size when scanning

Some scanners don’t report “supported sizes” to Acrobat when Hide Scanner’s Native Interface is selected in Scanner Options inside Acrobat 8. Switch the User Interface option to Show Scanner’s Native Interface and select the page size from scanner application.

Negative image while scanning

If the image comes out negative (example, white paper becomes black), then select Invert Black and White Images in the Scanner Options. Attempt to make the PDF again.

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