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How to Troubleshoot Road Runner Internet


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Internet connections can experience myriad issues including intermittent connectivity, slow speeds, and even a lack of connectivity altogether. While it requires unique troubleshooting steps to resolve each of these problems, it is always useful to know some basic troubleshooting procedures that you can use to diagnose any number of issues, regardless of if you use Road Runner Internet or any other service provider.

Road Runner

Road Run

  • Power cycles all devices. This process will resolve the great majority of connection issues that home users experience, so it is always a good place to start. Simply remove the power cables of your Road Runner modem as well as cables from any router or other home networking equipment you use. Leave all power cords unplugged for a full 30 seconds, plug them all back in and restart your computer.
  • Re-seat all connections. If a simple reset did not resolve your connectivity issue, it is sometimes useful to re-seat all the physical connections on your home networking devices. Again unplug the power cord for your modem as well as the coaxial cable (for cable modems) or the telephone cord (for DSL modems) and inspect the cables for any damage. Replace them and check your connectivity again.
  • Bypass any home networking equipment by unplugging the Ethernet cable that comes out of your modem from any router or other networking devices you may use at home. Connecting this Ethernet cable directly to your computer is a useful way of determining if your router is causing the issue you are experiencing or if the problem may be with your Road Runner modem. If issues persist with the Road Runner modem directly connected, Road Runner technical support should address the problem.


If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our toll-free number 1-800-293-9401.

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