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How to Troubleshoot Problems with Google Maps


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Google Maps is a web-mapping application that allows you to view maps, as well as get driving directions for many destinations. It is a free application that will occasionally run into loading and display errors that are caused by a number of factors. In order to troubleshoot these problems, it’s important to understand their causes.

Compatibility Issues

Google Maps has been formatted to work best with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and above, Safari 3.1 and above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above and Google Chrome. Other web browsers attempting to run Google Maps will likely run into loading and display errors because they lack components (e.g., ActiveX) that are necessary for it to run. Because Google Maps also uses lots of memory, it is also important that you have a computer with at least 256MB of RAM and at least 300MHz of processor speed to avoid running into freeze problems.

Google chrome

Google chrome

Browser Problems

When Internet Explorer experiences display errors, Google Maps runs into problems and prevents you from seeing your destinations or navigating through satellites. For Google Maps to display and operate properly, Internet Explorer components such as java scripting and ActiveX have to be enabled to decrease display errors. Because Google Maps involves visual display, problems with a Flash player installed on your computer will also cause loading or display errors when accessing maps.

Server Problems

Google server problems can cause errors when attempting to display Google Maps. The server errors have nothing to do with you or your computer settings, because they are internal problems. They can occur when the developers are updating maps, including additional functions or troubleshooting a certain problem. At other times, Google Maps will run into errors because there are many current users. The server suddenly slows down and either takes a longer time to display a map, or in some cases doesn’t display one at all.


If you do not have a web browser that has the sufficient components to run Google Maps, download and install one on your computer. For Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users, it is important to install the latest Flash player from Adobe to prevent loading errors. It is also important that you enable Active scripting and ActiveX components from the Internet Options panel. That way, you can minimize scripting errors. Mozilla Firefox users should also enable scripting, as well as clear their browsing history and cache. Clutter in the Temporary Files folder can cause problems with Google Maps.

Expert Insight

If you are still running into display errors, or perhaps the destination you are looking for is not available on Google Maps, use the help basics page or contact Google about the problem. If you notice that some information on Google Maps in incorrect, the “Community Edit” feature is your best solution. It’s a simple tool that allows you to modify incorrect information on Google Maps to make it accurate for others.



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