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How to Troubleshoot Outlook & Hotmail


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To use your Windows Live Hotmail account with Outlook you’ll need the free software Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, hosted and created by Microsoft to sync your Hotmail and Outlook information between both accounts. While this makes it easy to manage multiple Hotmail accounts, the software can also encounter certain errors, especially as related to your blocked and safe list for Junk settings.

  • Make sure that you have Outlook Connector installed on your computer and that it’s the right version for computer — 64-bit will not work on a 32-bit system and vice versa.
  • Ensure that your Windows Live username and password are entered correctly in the Outlook Connector window.
  • Disable any add-ons other than Outlook Connector to make sure that there‚Äôs not any issue with compatibility.
  • Check the error code for any mishaps you encounter. Errors codes can help specify and repair the problem.
  • Make sure that your Junk mail and blocked sender’s information does not violate Outlooks requirements for domains that can be blocked or marked as safe if you receive a Send/Receive error. There are six error codes associated with errors in your Junk settings: 4202, 4203, 4304, 4350, 4401 and 4403.
  • Resolve Send/Receive error 4204 by going to “Home” > “Junk” > “Junk E-Mail Options” and checking both your safe and blocked senders for email address that include the following invalid characters:!, #, $, %, *, /, ?, ^, `, {, |, },~ and _.
  • Remove any unblockable domains from your Blocked Addresses, and remove any unallowable domains from your Safe Senders, to resolve error 4203. You cannot add your own email address to either list; remove it if you have.
  • Make sure that neither your blocked or safe list has more than 500 entries each; remove excess entries to fix error 4304. Check that there isn’t an email address that exists on both lists to fix error 4350.
  • Fix Send/Receive 4401 by removing any duplicate entries from your blocked or safe list.


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