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How to Troubleshoot Outlook 2010


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You can troubleshoot commonly experienced issues in Outlook 2010 without reaching out to your Internet service provider’s technical support. If you are unable to send and receive email, you can check your account setup and Internet connection. Both factors can prevent incoming and outgoing mail in Outlook 2010. Even suspicious emails can have an impact on your ability to read emails. A suspicious email message can potentially harm the email application.

  • Check your Internet connection if you are unable to send or receive emails in Outlook 2010. Open a Web browser from your computer’s desktop or Quick Launch toolbar. If the page does not load, check the lights on your modem or router. Reset the device if necessary.
  • Delete any suspicious email messages if Outlook informs you that the message is damaged. Access your email provider’s Web-based email and log in to it with your username and password. Delete the message without attempting to open it.
  • Configure your firewall software to allow access to Outlook if you are unable to send and receive email and you are connected to the Internet. Refer to your firewall provider’s user manual to determine how to set up an exception.
  • Check your mail settings if you are still unable to send and receive email. Click “Tools” in Outlook 2010, and then click “Account Settings.” Click “New” under the “E-mail” tab, and then click the type of email account you want to add. Click “Auto Account Setup,” and then enter the account details, including your email address for your email account. Click “Finish” > “Close.”


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