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How to Troubleshoot MSN Toolbar Problems


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The MSN Toolbar is a web browser accessory located under the address bar. It allows users to make Internet searches without affecting the currently loaded web page. It consists of various features that allow convenient multitasking activities without navigating away from the main web page being checked out.


Features of the MSN Toolbar include: Selective Search, which filters searches by selecting certain keywords at the Search menu; Highlight Viewer, which locates the words used in a given web page after doing a search inquiry; the Pop-Up Guard, which prevents pop-up windows from showing up while browsing the Internet; One-Click Access, which lets the user search popular MSN services such as Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail; Feedback Help, which allows one-click sending of comments to improve the MSN Toolbar. The toolbar also can be customized according to the user’s preferences using the Options menu.

Bing Toolbar

Bing Toolbar

System Requirements

The MSN Toolbar will run and operate using the following systems: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. It also requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and its later versions.


The MSN Toolbar at times may be missing from its location, below the address bar of the web browser. The problem may be with the web browser settings, confusion with the location of other toolbars, and locked toolbar settings. These issues however, can be resolved easily by adjusting the settings of the browser in order to accommodate the toolbar.

Upgrade Issues

If the toolbar is missing or was never present during the time the web browser was first used, then the browser should undergo overall system upgrades. This upgrade will affect the current web browser settings and install the MSN Toolbar. Said upgrades will take effect once the computer is restarted, and from there the browser will show the toolbar.

Display Issues

When the toolbar has been installed and begins to disappear occasionally, you should check out the web browser settings and see which toolbars were added and currently occupy the spaces for the MSN Toolbar. Have these toolbars unchecked and removed, and enable the MSN Toolbar on the checklist. Once the changes are selected, all open browsers should be closed, and the toolbars unlocked. Restarting the browser will automatically enable the toolbar at its usual place, and would start functioning properly again.


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