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How to Troubleshoot a Dell 1320c


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Color laser printers like the Dell 1320c are favorites in the business world. These mid-sized color laser printers are designed to produce high quality output at a reasonable price and help business owners get more done. But if you own one of these printers, or just work with one, it is helpful to have some basic troubleshooting ability. If your Dell 1320c is out of warranty, calling for professional service could result in a big bill. It is much better and cheaper to diagnose and resolve common problems on your own.

  • Check the tightness of the printer cables if the printer fails to respond to a print job request. Remove and reset the printer cable at both the computer and the printer end. If the printer still does not respond, shut down the printer first, and then shut down the computer. Power on the printer, wait for it to come up, and then restart the computer.
  • Load one or two cleaning sheets into the Dell 1320c paper tray if you see spots or other imperfections on the printed pages. Over time toner residue can get into the printer, and running the cleaning sheets through the printer helps to clean the paper path and eliminate that contamination.
  • Pull the paper tray out and examine the quality of the paper if you notice persistent jams in the 1320c. Check the paper path thoroughly for jammed or torn paper by opening all the access doors and looking inside the printer. Remove any jammed paper you find, and then reload the tray with new paper. Adjust the paper guides so that they are snug against the paper but not too tight. If the paper guides are too tight, the Dell 1320c can grab multiple sheets at once, resulting in a paper jam.
  • Download a new driver for the 1320c from the Dell support website if you experience problems with the printer going offline or the print spooler not working. A corrupt driver can cause these issues, and reinstalling the latest driver can solve them.
  • Change the color toner if you notice a particular color is light or missing on your printouts. Open the toner cartridge door and insert the new toner cartridge. Be sure to remove any packaging materials and protective tape before inserting the new cartridge.
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