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How to Troubleshoot a Brother IntelliFAX 4100


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The Brother Intellifax 4100 is a commercial laser fax machine that can perform multiple business functions including faxing, printing and copying. Although this particular model has been discontinued, you still may be using the Intellifax 4100. If you have been experiencing problems with your Brother Fax machine, you can follow some basic troubleshooting steps to try to diagnose and solve your problem.

  • Reset the drum counter if a “Change Drum Soon” error message appears on the display of the fax machine. To do this, open the front cover and press “Clear.” Press “1” on the keypad to reset the counter.
  • Check the paper load tray to make sure that the paper is properly loaded or that the load tray is not empty if you are receiving a “Check Paper” error message. Pull out the load tray on the front of the fax machine and make sure the paper isn’t crinkled or stuck together. If the tray is empty, fill the tray.
  • Make sure you haven’t overfilled the paper tray if you are experiencing frequent paper jams. The manufacturer recommends that you don’t fill the paper tray with more than 250 sheets of paper.
  • Verify that an active telephone line is securely connected to your Brother Intellifax if you are not hearing a ringtone when trying to send a fax.
  • Reduce the print resolution if you are receiving an “Out of memory” error message when trying to print a document. Click “File,” “Print” and then “Print Options” in the software application you are trying to print from. Reduce the resolution from the “Print Options” menu and try your print job again.
  • Remove a paper jam if you are receiving a “Paper Jam” or “Please open cover” error message. Open the front cover and gently pull the jammed paper towards the front of device. Close the front cover and press the “Stop/Exit” button. Try your print, fax or copy job again.
  • Perform a power cycle on your fax machine if the error message is still not eliminated after the previous steps. Turn off the fax machine and unplug the power cord. Wait a few seconds and plug the machine back in. Try your print, fax or copy job again.

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